Saturday, 20 January

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So this is it -- my last post. I've been overwhelmed by all your comments in the last week. Everyone was incredibly kind and encouraging. I've never gotten so many *hugs* in my life. :)

A few people have asked me if I'm going to delete the community. That was something I never considered -- everything is going to stay the same, only with no more updates.

And now for some very good news: whosoldherout is going to take over with a new community, orlando_news. Yay!

Thank you and goodnight.

Sunday, 14 January

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Next Saturday will be the last post in this community. I'd like to thank everyone for reading, and especially those of you who have left comments such as these. Those comments, more than anything else, are what kept this community going for 3+ years. Unfortunately I've just reached the point where it's become more of a burden than I want to handle.

If anyone would like to start a new community, let me know* and I'll post the link on Saturday.

* either in a comment or at cherry_glitter at livejournal.com