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Sunday, 31 December - Monday, 01 January

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  • allAfrica.com: Kenya: Lucrative Season for Local Artistes - Jenny Pont of Pontact Productions said that they will be hoping to shoot and produce two complete feature films this year. The script of The Journey is the Destination, a movie based on the life of photojournalist Dan Eldon, killed in Somalia in 1993, is ready.
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Honey- Happy New Year to you.
Thanks. :)
I totally miss out on this. What is the connection of this project to Orlando? Is he considered to be (one of) the actor(s)? Explain, please? :)
It's a project Orlando has shown interest in, but nothing official. He also apparently has the support of Dan Eldon's family.

You can read more here or here.
Happy new year to you! Did you get my card? HUGS!
I did! Thanks! :)